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Angie's Benefit Info
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Angie's Benefit Info

Angie @ Lincoln jr. High/Steve's Sr. pic

March 24 email:

Hello everyone!

The Angie Torres benefit is now behind us, but, Angie and Steve still have a long road ahead of them.  Angie left today, Monday, for Dallas.  She will have surgery tomorrow at noon to remove a tumor from her brain.  Please continue to keep her and her loved ones in your prayers.

The tournament and benefit was a great success.  Between the tournament, the ring raffle, the silent auction of the jackets, and other donations, we raised a net profit of $11, 793.60 for the Torres's medical fund.  We far exceeded my hopes for this benefit, and I have many people to thank for it. 

We had 102 players in the tournament.  The winning team of Joe Arzate, Jr, Chris Andros and Johnny Perez, walked away with the $1,000.00 prize money, turning in a score of 20 under par.  Second place went to the team of Greg LaBarge, Jody Johnson, and Jim Grissen.  These guys very graciously donated the $300 prize money back to the benefit.  Thanks guys!  Third place went to Cory Adams, Mickey Scott and Jared Cooper, who took home the $225.00 prize.  I'm pretty sure that my team of Jeanann Goss, Lonnie Carlile and myself set some kind of course record with an 82.

There were a nice crowd at the Mertzon Community Center on Saturday evening.  The leather jackets both went to Irma Diaz and her son Joshua.  Thank you very much to Dwayne Lambert and the Lighthouse Family Network for donating the jackets. 

The diamond ring was won by Steve Jones of San Angelo, who is a State Trooper, like Steve Torres.  Incredibly, he was the last guy I sold a ticket to on Saturday before the drawing.  I'm pretty sure he's not married and doesn't have a girlfriend, but, I think his outlook just improved with the ownership of that beautiful ring.  Congratulations, Steve!

I would like to give a personal thank you to:

Sue and Dan McClung, Sterling and Susan Abbott, Kim Smith, Orlando and Marsha Hernandez, Tammy Hayes, Stacy Carson, Tracie Davidson, Angie Wright, Perry Curnutt/KGKL radio, Susan Roberts, Tammie White, Cindy Hoefs, all of Angie's family at Small Schools Co-op, Cari Endicott, Claire Argo, Cathy Ellis, Kathy Keaton, Mary Bradford, Emilia Ramirez, John Jeter, Don Douglas, Jay Jones, Tammy Reynolds, Amy Zuniga, Keith and Paula Jolley, Kipp Rathmell, Cathy Burns, Zentner's, Terry and Toshua Lankford, Tina  Anderson Alexander, Frank Perez and Aramark, Frank, Irma and Joshua Diaz, Jack Hutchins and Quicksand Golf Course, Shari Graves, Steve Hernandez, Nanette at Crockett Natl Bank, Francis Grice, Kim Hays, Coors and Budweiser, Golf Plus, the bank at Paint Rock, and anyone I didn't mention who helped, donated door prizes or sold raffle tickets that I don't even know about.  I also want to thank my mom, Clarice Eisenbach, and my brother and sis-in-law, Jim Bob and Laura Harris.

And, for your beautiful musical contributions, thanks to my band, SonWorshipper, to Susan Abbott and the girls from First Methodist Church in Mertzon, to Joshua Diaz, Dub Shelton, Lonnie Carlile, Colt Dorr, and my "sistas," Tracie, Tammy and Angie.  You are all awesome and gifted.  Thank you for sharing!

I have to mention all the Lake View Class of 1981ers who participated.  You guys always come through, and I love you all: Bob Beeson, Garry Gonzales, Christy Montemayor Perez, Irma Rodriquez Diaz, Emilia Hernandez Ramirez, Orlando Hernandez, Fred Bauerlein, Steve Hernandez, Dub Shelton, Connie Martin Sheldon, Amy Heller Zuniga, Kipp Rathmell, Jay Jones, Tammy Cortese Reynolds, John Jeter, Jimmy Marsh, Stacy Baker Carson, Tracie Bolding Davidson, Jeanann Goss, Kim McGinty Smith, Lonnie "Dee" Carlile, Terry Lankford, Renee Cornelius Follis, Keith Jolley, Angie Williams Wright, Tina Alexander, Sharon McCleery Robbins, John Adney, Tammy Hudson Hayes, Ted Untermeyer and Denise Baker Untermeyer...I think that is it...Sorry if I forgot someone.

Thanks to everyone who played in the tourney:

Team 1:  Royce Newton, Les Hale, Eddie Hale
Team 2:  Sterling Abbott, Keith McCutchen, Jerry McCutchen
Team 3: Perry Curnutt, Jimmy Earnest and Leland Key
Team 4:  Jeanann Goss, Christy Dorr and Lonnie Carlile
Team 5: Matt Dorr, Kenneth Martin, and Dale Davis
Team 6:  Orlando Hernandez, John Sheffield and Philip Horne
Team 7:  Jimmy Marsh, Randy Marsh and Bill Arms
Team 8:  Jay Jones, Johnny Sweat, Sonny Cortese
Team 9:  John Hensley, Scott Simpton and Frank Cardenas
Team 10: Kendall Craig, Eric Anderson and Bob Lobig
Team 11: Frank Perez, John Durkee and Garry Gonzales
Team 12: Bob Beeson, Clayton Beeson, Sam Morgan
Team 13:  Greg LaBarge, Jody Johnson, Jim Grissen
Team 14: Johnathan McCutchen, Matt Preston, and Jason Phillips
Team 15: Richie Cravens, Philip Cravens, and Jay Scott
Team 16: Chris Lykins, Vince Sikes and Richard Garza
Team 17: Alvie Carrell, Kenneth Carrell and Josh Carrell
Team 18: Steve Gauwain, Josh Gauwain and Charles Pierce
Team 19: Scott Stephens, Leigh Ann Stephens, and Robert Runnion
Team 20: John Jeter, Steve Hernandez and Dub Shelton
Team 21: Jim Bob Harris, Mikel Doyle, and Mitch Lane
Team 22: Curtis Shelton, Don Hulse and David Duke
Team 23: Don Douglas, Calvin Evans and Steve Bailey
Team 24: Kim Whittaker, Tom Daves, Joe Collins
Team 25: Ruben Martinez, Johnny Serrano, Michelle Belluomini
Team 26:  Robby Cornelius, Jonathan Lyssy and Ryan Lyssy
Team 27:  Joe Arzate, Jr., Chris Andros and Johnny Perez
Team 28:  Marc Tucker, Sky Tucker and Billy Smartt
Team 29:  Steve Peters, John Morrow and Scott Edmonson
Team 30:  Mike Dolan, Brandon Gryder and Shannon Rushing
Team 31: Jackson Duncan, Marshall King and Jarrod Gladden
Team 32: Mike Holguin, Joe Arzate,Sr. and Ricky Flint
Team 33: Jim Bailey, Tom Gray and Jeff Welsh
Team 34: Cory Adams, Mickey Scott and Jared Cooper
And to all the Tee-Box sponsors:
Not Home Alone Boarding Kennels - "In Honor of Angie and Steve" by Dan and Sue McClung
Hawkins & Company (Melonee Herndon Hawkins, CPA), San Jose, CA
The Lucky Labradors, "In Honor of J.J." "In Memory of Freckles" by Paul and Susan Landers Kolb
Paco's Place - Frank and Irma (Rodriguez) Diaz
"In Memory of our daughter, Kim Whitt" by Ronnie and Rita Whitt
Chik-Fil-A (Sherwood Way)
Chik-Fil-A (Sherwood Way)
Chik-Fil-A (Sherwood Way)
Chik-Fil-A (Sherwood Way)
Steve Smith Construction,"In Memory of Raymond McGinty" by Dalton, Paige, Steve and Kim Smith
Web, Stokes and Sparks - $250.00 Sponsorship
Frederick V. Bauerlein, Attorney At Law,
"In Honor Of Angie Torres" by the Irion County Lions Club
"In Support of the Torres Family" by the Irion County Class of 2007.
"In Honor of Steve and Angie Torres" by Howe and Nell Mayse
"In Honor of our grandchildren" by Shirley and Hubert Payton
"Piccolo The Clown" 915-944-GRIN "A merry heart doeth good like medicine." Proverbs 17:22 by Kathy Keaton
"In Memory of Violet Martin" by Connie Martin Sheldon
"In Honor of Angie and Steve" by Irion Co. ISD-Trustees
"In Memory of Roberta Carr Weatherby" by Lane and Brandi Worthington
"In Honor of Cancer Researchers" by Fairmeadows Baptist Church in Duncanville (Dee Carlile)
"Shawn, Wheless, McCall and Morgan" by Shawn Miller and family
"In honor of Angie Torres" by Irion County Coaches
"Manuel Munoz, Attorney at Law" by Manuel Munoz
"In memory of Vicente Munoz, Sr." by Manuel Munoz
"Shelton Body Shop" by Curtis Shelton
Howdy Electric by Mike & Dawn (Carlile) Webb
"From Your Lighthouse Family" Lighthouse Family Network
"Dave's Burger Stop"
"Children's Advocacy Center of Tom Green County, Inc."
"Walt's Auto Sales"
"In Memory of Chris Jones" by Water Valley Elementary
"Alvie and Cathy Carrell"
Ted and Denise Untermeyer
Stacy and Jim Carson
There were many more donations and team sponsors, who I won't mention, because I know I will forget someone.
May God bless you all for your love and support, and may God keep watch over Angie and her family.
Thanks again to everyone!
Christy Harris Dorr
Angelique Angie Torres, age 40, of Mertzon, Texas, died at her home Sunday, Sept. 28, 2003, following a heroic battle with cancer. Angie was born Aug. 8, 1963, in Bremenhaven, Germany. She received her bachelors degree from Liberty University, Lynchburg, Va., and her masters degree from Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas. Angie was a counselor and passionate advocate for children and attended the Methodist Church of Mertzon, Texas. Survivors include her husband, Steve Torres and their two children, Kyla and Jake of Mertzon, Texas; her mother, Lana McLemore of Mertzon, Texas; her father and his wife, Roger and Margie Swift of Odessa, Texas; her brother, Lee Swift of Dallas, Texas; her sister and her husband, Lisa and Jason Hakala of Houston, Texas; her two nieces, Kelsi and Christina of Houston, Texas; her aunt and her husband, Connie and Charles McCord of Wayne, N.J.; her cousin, Les McCord of Wayne, N.J., her grandmothers, Jean Abbott and Mocelyn Rarrick both of Springfield, Mo.; and very special friends, Stephen Pattay Jr., Shawna Smith and JoAnn Thorpe. She also is survived by other relatives and many wonderful friends. She was preceded in death by her grandmother, Billie Jean Cole; her grandfather, Walter Abbott; her great-grandparents, Flora and Harold Sims. We are thankful for the amazing example she has been to us, always choosing to overcome fear and trials with courage and faith, always placing others needs before her own, and always cheering us on to achieve more than we thought possible. Memorial service for Angie Torres will be at noon on Wednesday, Oct. 1, at Johnsons Funeral Home. Robin Lowe and the Rev. Phil Steinbach will officiate. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the American Cancer Society or the charity of your choice. We would like to thank the staff of the Small Schools Cooperative, the community of Mertzon, Texas, Eden lSD, Christi Dorr of Mineral Wells, Texas, the First Methodist Church of Mertzon, Texas, St. Josephs Catholic Church of San Angelo, Texas, Hospice of San Angelo and so many others for their help and support.